Does Penis Size Matter ?

Some say yes, some say no. It is a a couple of ongoing controversy. Women and men argue this occassion, and journals have repeated articles about this subject.

We want to publish a mail from a woman to make whether penis size matter or not clear.

Sometimes penis size simply does matter, on the other hand. Jennifer from Chicago has this to say:

 “I have relationship  with a man who I think is fantastic. We have now so much in common, and all things are great. However , once we have intercourse, I can’t feel his penis inside of me. Additionally there is no touching to my clitoris. It does not matter how long he goes, I can’t feel his penis.

      With other partners, I can reach orgasm in just a couple of minutes, but he’s so small, I just can not. I feel embarrassed going on about specifics, but his penis is just about 4 1/2 inches long and very thin. I make an effort to tell myself that it doesn’t matter, yet the fact is that  I want to enjoy  having good sex and  having orgasms.

     Not only can I not come, but I am nervous that he can’t feel much either, that makes me feel like less of a woman with him. I have no idea what other women do in cases like this, but I’m confused and upset. He and I get along very well, and all things are so excellent, however the sex is really unsatisfying. What things can I do?

question markWhat Things Can She Do?
There are some things they can try, however first she has to be able to make sure he understands exactly what the problem is – and that’s bound to be uncomfortable, and also to put damage on their relationship. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for a woman to express to a man she cares about that she can’t feel his penis while having sex?

After they have pointed out the problem, they are able to talk about solutions so that Jennifer receives the sexual pleasure she needs to feel better about their physical relationship. They can find penis extenders offered at most sex toy shops, or they may be bought online. There are small vibrators produced to stimulate the clitoris during sex or at other times. Her boyfriend may use a vibrator and masturbate or perform oral sex before or after sexual intercourse.

         Furthermore there are penis enlargement techniques and products. First of all, there is surgery, but that’s costly and uncomfortable. Most of men wouldn’t voluntarily undergo surgery, nor should a woman ask it.

There are also penis enlargement products such as penis pumps.These may have some side effect, but can also weaken and cause skin irritation on the penis. Many doubt that these pumps can be useful, and there are differing ideas as to whether such mechanical techniques work. So there is a difficult question waiting to be answered “which penis enlargement product is safe to use? “We examined all penis enlargement products and choosed Size Genetics as best one on market.
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There are also exercises like the jelq and some special kinds of stretching. These exercises can have some effect, but require both knowledge and regular effort. See our Penis Health System Review chosen as best penis exercise.

Lastly there are penis pills, which on their own usually have a great effect and can increase the size of the penis. It all depends on what Penis pills you choose as some are simply a rip off.

Obviously in some situations, size can make a difference, not only in terms of the quality of sex, but also as far as the comfort involved in the relationship.

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