The Truth Behind Penis Rings

A penis ring, or cock ring, is a ring which is inserted to a person’s penis, usually at the base, primarily to slow the blood circulation from the erect penile tissue, so keeping erection time much longer.

A person may wear penis ring since he has erectile dysfunction (ED). When used for ED, a purpose-designed penis vacuum pump is used to produce a harder erection by simple mechanical action in spite of vascular or nerve damage,

So we do not recommend penis pump to you. Instead of using that simple and harmful devices, you can use penis extenders and male enhancement products.

Penis rings which are too tight, or worn for too much time may be harmful: this can cause priapism, an unexpected medical emergency that, if not treated in a correct way, can cause serious and permanent damage, which includes penile gangrene that can cause the destruction and possible amputation of the penis.

Penis Rings for erectile dysfunction are usually supplied with the instruction that they shouldn’t be left on for longer than 30 mins. Dropping off to sleep with a penis ring on is a particular risk. This leads to temporary or permanent nerve damage.

Numbness in the glans penis, penis turning into cold or penis turning into white can be signs that a penis ring has been worn for too much time and medical health advice should be sought.

So you’ve read our article about penis ring, Do you need to take a such a risk that leads you to harmful results?

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